Our Journey of Beautiful Life

By: Malique Firdauz and Iva Ilyana

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Saturday, 30-Aug-2008 10:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
5 mths old - little cheeky cutie

17 weeks old
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5 mths ....how time flies...felt like yesterday that I brought her to this world
I am so lucky that I'm able to take care of her by myself...with my own hands
I have been enjoying it since then...always....

every seconds of it has been miracles....
seeing her smiles with twinkles in her eyes.....it is just mesmerizing
when she hold my fingers for the first time...felt like I wanna hold her tight in my arms and never let her go....

now she likes to babble a lot to mummy and daddy.. and to herself and to her toys
usually it is like 'booo booo boo' 'mmbahh mmbaahh mmbahh' hmmm hmm' 'mama mama' and yes she says mama at the 1st time when she was 14 weeks old

she is sooo cheeky.....she loves it when I tickle her tummy and when I do peekaboo...she laughs out loud, it is just amazing how it felt to know that your baby is sooo happy being with you...everything felt so worthwhile...and when she grins to her ears.....she is sooo adorable! sometime she chose either mummy or daddy to get to hold her ...so spoilt! I can never stop being fascinated with her.....never....she always suprises me....seeing her growing up, right in front of my own eyes .... my little angel, little soul..so innocent...can't wait to see her grow...but not so soon.....she is still my baby ...always and forever....

Nis & Tini > tu la...seronok kan boleh jaga anak sendiri... but then ni pun sekejap je...iva belum berenti keje lagi...tgh maternity leave lagi..kat UK ni, boleh maternity leave sampai setahun max...3 mths full salary and the rest dapat £500 allowances per mth....alhamdulillah, kat UK ni diaorg more prioritise on family rather than career ....ada my colleague yg berenti jaga anak jgk sebab kat sini bukannya ada maid Indon/Philipine mcm kat malaysia...most of them hantar anak pegi nursery / baby sitter...so masa Iva balik keje, Qistyna dah setahun, so takdela rasa ralat sgt nak hantar nursery or babysitter..insyaAllah...hopefully everthing will be fine...I have 7 mths to go to enjoy my full time with her!

Monday, 25-Aug-2008 21:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fancy Durian??

Durian! dah 2 years x makan ni..
Guess how much per KG?
!!! - if 1 Durian is 6kg = £34.7 = RM208!!!
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    The most expensive fruits ever bought! no wonder it is called the King of All Fruit!

    Selamat Berpuasa to all family and friends - wherever you are! Semoga mendapat keberkatan Ramadhan....Insya Allah

Sunday, 24-Aug-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Regal Visit

everyone while waiting for the train to London Victoria
the bayswater quadrant
Kensington Palace's garden
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    Last weekend, we had our uncle (pak besaq), auntie (mak besaq), cousins (mimie & man) with their ever cute children, Arissa & Aydin to visit us....we were so delighted since we haven't seen Pak Besaq & Mak Besaq for nearly 2 years ...it was definitely a family reunion

    Being in the famous city of the world, of course they wanted to see the metropolitan city of London. What better way to see London other than touring with Double Decker Hop On & Hop Off London Bus! but since we have seen it all...we decided to lay low and let them enjoy themselves being a tourist. We brought them to London Victoria and send them away to the hands of the experts

    While they were sightseeing, we spent our time at our fav. spot - the Bayswater quadrant and pamper our eyes with the exquisite greenery of Kensington Gardens and the regal feelings of Kensington Palace. Unfortunately, we can't snap pics in the Palace itself it would have been marvelous!

    While mummy and daddy is sight seeing - guess what Qistyna's doing in her pram? chewing her own fingers

Wednesday, 20-Aug-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
4 years on.....2 + 1

our eternal love
It's been 4 years now...
but this year has been special...more than special..
it has been extraordinary...magical....
we hope that we'll stay forever...and whatever may come...let it be...
may our love stay forever and ever...and may we'll become 2+1+1+1+1 ..insyaallah

the day I become his....

and he become mine....

Thursday, 31-Jul-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
4 mths old - eating time!

hi..how are u?
opps I have a call in....hello? Qistyna speaking
ok, so photoshot session? i'm a bit rugged today ;-)
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Qistyna has been sleeping through the night from 9pm - 6am since she was 9 weeks old (fuhh!!....what a relief! ) but then last week, she started waking up at again at abt 3am for extra feed and so I seek for advice from books as well as health advisor ....the outcome is not as bad as I thought...in fact, it makes me leap to the air Qistyna is ready to eat now!

I am so excited to start feeding her food...a friend sent me link to a website -Hipp Baby Club ....I sign up and receive a weaning starter park which consists of several food packs....Qistyna particularly loves the purees - Carrot & Sweetcorn and Apple & Banana ...

at first I gave her the baby rice, mix with her milk...but then she didn't like it so much..3 days after, I tried the Carrot & Sweetcorn puree...her reaction at first was...'apa ni'? but then she gradually like it..she usually sucks the puree out slowly from the spoon and then munch it in her mouth

now I know that she likes carrot & banana, I can then make the puree my self!


marcia - tgkla kalau makanan tu sejuk, panaskan skit dgn food warmer, tapi jgn suam sgt...biar suam2 kuku je..kalau dah biasa makan panas nanti dia jadi fussy, makan food bila panas je...ni pesan org tua la

azma - ha'ah my baby tido from 9pm till 6 am... x caya ke? tu la, kalau i citer kat org mesia mesti terkejut...ni teknik i blaja dari org2 UK ni la...drpd hospital qistyna dah diajar ikut routine ...rahsianya make sure masa siang tu dia minum susu cukup ikut berat badan dia...kalau nak tau baby kena minum susu banyak mana sehari is 70ml per 1lbs...so qistyna dah about 13 lbs/6kg lebih so dia kena minum sehari dlm 910ml...x kisahla breasfeed or mix..make sure cukup...so, I bagi dia minum 6 x 150ml...atau 5 x 180ml...adala sekali sekala bila dia lapar terlebih skit tapi make sure tak lebih sgt...tapi kena make sure dia minum cukup....selalunya mmg cukupla 910ml...that's y dia tak bangun mlm! alhamdulillah...kat UK ni usually kalau after 5 mths still bangun mlm kira pelik kat sini

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