Our Journey of Beautiful Life

By: Malique Firdauz and Iva Ilyana

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Wednesday, 13-Sep-2006 14:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Good Bye Doni....R.I.P

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This entry is dedicated to our beloved family cat - Doni yang amat2 di sayangi Mama & Baba
Tragis sangat kisah kematiannya - Doni dilanggar kereta yg bawak bukan main laju lagi - 100km/h, masa tu depan rumah! Lagi sedih, Mama sendiri nampak Doni kena langgar ngan kereta tu Kesian kat mama.... ..patutla masa kami balik mesia Mei haritu tergerak nak ambik gambar Doni ni banyak2...Doni ni pulak mmg suka sgt posing, rupanya that's the last time that we gonna see you...

Doni....May You Rest In Peace...Insya Allah

Semua kini tak lagi ku temu
Saat denganmu yang semakin jauh ditelan waktu
Kenangan lalu bersemadi dalam dunia ini
Kekal bersemi
- Anuar Zain (Musim Berlalu) -

Saturday, 2-Sep-2006 15:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

mari beramai2 hidupkan api!
Uish syoknya bebudak ni berlari2
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Seronok buat BBQ kali ni sebab this time buat kat rumah kitaorg Kelakar pun ada, sebab plan ni just tetiba je. Makanan semua 'pot luck' - setiap family bawak 1 jenis food. Even BBQ set pun kitaorg takde, Khalil yg bawak from his house terima kasih bebanyak...

Ceewah....chef Shamsul & chef Malique...siap kipas lagi tu!

ada kebab, ada jagung, ada ayam...lamb pun ada tapi dah habis di makan

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Sunday, 20-Aug-2006 10:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

While having our b'fast at the hotel, ump..omellete..nyum!
The hotel lobby while cheking out
In front of the Belgian Art shop
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Can't believe that its been 2 yrs since we're married, and to celebrate it in Brussels is just simply unforgetable

In front of the Bourse

Inside the 'Le Petit Bruxelles' Restaurant


You are my everything , Nothing your love won't bring
My life is yours alone , The only love I've ever known
Your spirit pulls me through , When nothing else will do
Every night I pray, On bended knee
That you will always be, My everything
- You're My Everything (98 Degrees - 99)

Saturday, 19-Aug-2006 20:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

A bit shy
My other half
choose this - Grilled Monk Fish
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Tonite is our 2nd anniversary eve and so we decided to celebrate it with a candlelite dinner

Our food being picked fresh!

We stroll along the beautiful Grand Place while listening to the concert music nearby, before we end the nite at 11:30pm.........

Time to grow and move on, make life better than It was before (Time to Grow - Lemar 2005)

Saturday, 19-Aug-2006 14:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

The main entrance of St. Hubert Gallery
Inside the St. Hubert Gallery shopping mall
Lots of seafood restaurants!!
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OK - be warned because this entry contains a lot of food!!

Well, its now 2 o'clock, and we've now arrived back in Grand Place. The stomach has started growling , so we head up to the Royal St. Hubert Galaries for lunch. There are about 20 seafood restaurants around this area and we are definitely spoilt for choices! Moreover, the waiters for every restaurant kept attracting us with their delicious menus! But at last, we decided to choose a restaurant called 'L Arlequin' for lunch (just because his owner is a Muslim )

We decided to order - Seafood Paella with Lobster ...mmm nyum! nyum!

The Paella was awesome!! It came in a large servings with Lobsters stick on it , with all sort of seafood - Clams, Prawns, Squids & Mussels. This is the 1st time we ever eaten a Lobster and for me, it is my fav!

Then, we decided to stroll along the shopping market before went back to the hotel to relax

See the way we ride in our private lives
Ain't nobody getting in between
I want you to know that you're the only one for me
That's why I say

You know how to appreciate me
I must a stickwitu , My baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way
I must stickwitu
- Stickwitu (PCD 2006)-

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